LISTEN: Robin Gibb’s Solo Effort For 'I Am The World'

An album featuring Robin Gibb’s final recordings and unreleased songs has been announced.

An album featuring Robin Gibb’s final recordings and unreleased songs is to be released in September.

The album, 50 St. Catherine's Drive, includes a new version of the Bee Gees song ‘I AM The World’, which was originally a B-side for the trio’s ‘Spicks and Specks’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Gibb’s wife Dwina said; "He was always fond of this song and decided to record a new version for this album,"

"In the studio, Robin and [producer] Peter-John Vettese wrote new middle-eight sections, so it is now an extended version of the original. Robin loved playing with words, as in this song and also in 'Holiday' from the same era, where he sang, 'You Are a Holiday.'"

50 St. Catherine's Drive will be released September 30th on Reprise/Warner/Rhino and will include 17 songs:

1. "Days of Wine & Roses"

2. "Instant Love"

3. "Alan Freeman Days"

4. "Wherever You Go"

5. "I Am the World (New Version)"

6. "Mother"

7. "Anniversary"

8. "Sorry"

9. "Cherish"

10. "Don’t Cry Alone"

11. "Avalanche"

12. "One Way Love"

13. "Broken Wings"

14. "Sanctuary"

15. "Solid"

16. "All We Have Is Now"

17. "Sydney"

Robin Gibb passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer. 

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