Stevie Nicks: Lindsey And I Antagonise Each Other

Stevie Nicks has spoken out about her relationship with former partner Lindsey Buckingham, saying they are good at 'antagonising' each other.

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Stevie Nicks has spoken out about her relationship with former partner Lindsey Buckingham , saying they are good at 'antagonising' each other.

The 66-year-old Fleetwood Mac singer had an infamous on/off relationship with her bandmate, starting in high school and lasting throughout much of their musical career. Nicks has said the bond between them is still as strong as ever, for better or for worse.

"Relations with Lindsey are exactly as they have been since we broke up. He and I will always be antagonising to each other, and we will always do things that will irritate each other,' Nicks told Rolling Stone magazine. “And we really know how to push each other's buttons. We know exactly what to say when we really want to throw a dagger in. And I think that that's not different now than it was when we were 20. And I don't think it will be different when we're 80."

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But although things between the couple seem to be over, Nicks has revealed she has trouble moving on. This is largely because she doesn't want to date anybody who is either too old or too young.

"What if I fall in love with somebody and they die?' she said of older men, adding of younger ones: “They wanna go out with somebody that's 25. That has been going on since the Bible, and I haven't even read the Bible, but I know that. So what am I gonna do, compete with that? I'm not a competitor. So I don't even wanna be in that situation. I've narrowed it down to nobody.”

Nick's latest solo album 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault was released in September last year and she is set to tour with Fleetwood Mac in 2015, with their On With the Show dates.

Watch Fleetwood Mac perform ‘Go Your Own Way’ below:

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