Anyone Who Had A Heart: Which Version Is Best?

Dionne Warwick versus Cilla Black. Which version of 'Anyone Who Had A Heart' is the best? We know Dionne's thoughts!

Dionne Warwick

"Anyone who ever loved

Could look at me

And know that I love you"

Dionne Warwick versus Cilla Black

Anyone Who Had A Heart - Dionne Warwick

Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in 1963,  'Anyone Who Had A Heart' was released by Dionne Warwick and was her first US Top 10 single. It didn’t performed fantastically well in the UK, reaching number 42 on the Singles Chart.  

We spoke to Dionne Warwick about her thoughts of Cilla Black’s cover of ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’. Warwick said: "If I would have sneezed on my recording, Cilla would have sneezed on hers.” Ouch!

Listen to the full clip from Dionne Warwick below:

 Anyone Who Had A Heart - Cilla Black

Cilla Black's cover version of ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ was released in 1964. It sold over 900,000 copies and became the first UK number one by a solo female artist since Helen Shapiro's ‘Walking Back To Happiness’ in 1961.

Off the back of this hit, Cilla Black went on to achieve 11 UK Top 10 hits in total.

Best Version? Sorry Cilla, Dionne's got this one. 

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