Cocktail Recipes Perfect For Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for cocktails. One of the world's leading bartenders Salvatore Calabrese shares his festive favourites.

Cocktail group

Salvatore Calabrese is one of the world’s leading bartenders. He joins Kate Garraway for a special show on Christmas Day and will be discussing the best cocktails to serve at Christmas.

Take a look at his selection of recipes below. 



  • 60ml Gin
  • 20ml Yellow Chartreuse
  • Dash of bitters
  • 5ml Gomme


  • Shake together all the ingredients
  • Prepare a coupette with a pear sugar rim
  • (To make a pear sugar rim, run a slice of pear around the rim, then roll the rim in sugar)
  • Pour into the coupette and serve



  • 30ml Vodka
  • 15ml Limoncello
  • 15ml white Cacao
  • 10ml Orgeat
  • 30ml double cream


  • Shake all the ingredients together



  • 30ml Creme de Banana
  • 13ml white Creme de Cacoa 
  • 15ml Amaretto
  • 30ml double cream
  • Half banana


  • Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth
  • Pour into a highball and garnish with toasted almonds

Bunny Cuddle


  • 45ml Bourbon Whiskey
  • 10ml Galliano Liqueur
  • 20ml pineapple syrup
  • 2 lime wedges
  • 10 blueberries


  • Mix the whiskey, Galliano and pineapple.
  • Build cocktail with the liquor and fruit in a Julep glass over crushed ice
  • Garnish with berries and mint
  • Dust with icing sugar
All recipes courtesy of Playboy Club, London.

Please drink responsibly. 

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