A new Disney Jazz album will feature... Eric Cantona?!

11 October 2017, 12:25

If you were putting a list together of singers for a new Disney compilation, we doubt a Manchester United legend would be near the top.

But that's exactly what's happened. And it's... amazing.

Eric Cantona has provided his vocals for a new Disney album, duetting with Jamie Cullum on the Beauty and the Beast classic song 'Be Our Guest'.

Why? Well, he's French, just like Lumière in the movie. That's about it. But, he's great! Just watch the trailer above and you won't be disappointed. Eric kicks in towards the end.

Eric Cantona and Jamie Cullum

Jazz Loves Disney 2 will also features the likes of George Benson, Laura Mvula and Bebel Gilberto. It will be released on November 10, just in time for Christmas stockings.

Eric has forged himself a showbiz career since leaving Manchester United in the mid-1990s. He's starred in several movies, hosted various documentaries, and can now be officially labelled as a professional singer.

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