WATCH: Nile Rodgers Busks In London

The CHIC star shows that all the decades of success haven't gone to his head!

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Yesterday (June 22nd) Nile Rodgers busked on the streets on London in a rare treat for fans. The artist, who has worked with some of the biggest names in music and is currently touring with his band CHIC, has said that busking is "how he started."

Speaking on Twitter, Nile went on to say "Today I went busking on the #London Southbank. Didn't draw much of a crowd until I stared playing dance music. Hmm? Though I had no voice from screaming during last night's show, I started to draw a crowd when I sang "Aw Freak Out!"

"I admit I was playing bossa nova music at first, so I being a bit deceptive."

You can se the Tweets below.

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