British Man Ends Up In Vegas Despite Staff Checking His Boarding Pass 'Three Times'

Samuel Jankowsky

Finance Broker Samuel Jankowsky was trying to make his way home to Essex from Cologne but somehow ended up in Sin City.

The 29-year-old claims airline staff checked his boarding pass "three times" and failed to notice his ticket was bound for Stansted.

Samuel fell asleep onboard only to wake up and notice the flight had gone passed the UK on the in-flight tracking channel.

He explained: "I asked the person next to me what was going on and he said: “We’re flying to Vegas”. I said: “Oh f***! Can we turn the plane around?”

To make matters worse, once the Dad-of-two arrived in the States, he was nearly detained for not having a visa.

"I was treated like a person who tried to enter the US without a visa. The official said we had an hour to do the paperwork to put me on a flight back to Cologne.

They seemed to think I had sneaked onto the plane to get a flight to Vegas on the cheap.

They even put me in a little cell and completely searched me. I was supervised the whole time I was there."

Samuel, from Balison said his return flight to Cologne was less than comfortable with staff treating him "like they had a criminal on the plane".

He was then banned from flying again with Eurowings and had to stay with a friend in Germany before buying a ticket from another airline.

"Heaven forbid my intentions were not good. This is a major security failing."

Eurowings have responded to the claims saying, "Due to an error by a service provider’s employee, the passenger managed to board the long-haul flight.

"According to the authorities and Eurowings, at no time was there any safety risk. Nevertheless, the incident has been thoroughly investigated in-house."



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