Traditional Middle Names Are Still Most Popular Choices In The UK

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When it comes to middle monikers there's a definite trend towards the slightly more conventional.

There have been plenty of studies done on the most favoured boys and girls names throughout the country. 

However, considerably less information has been publicised about those of us with middle names...until now. 

Ancestry UK have done a study on middle names and discovered not only are they a "relatively new phenomenon, having only become the norm over the last hundred years, they also tend towards the more classic-sounding."

The reason for this is that middle names are "driven by the desire to commemorate well-loved ancestors" states Miriam Silverman, from Ancestry UK as a reason for this trend.

Middle names are not more loved than ever by the nation, but which are the most popular or all?


1. Louise

2. Rose

3. Grace

4. Jane

5. Elizabeth

6. Ann/Anne

7. May
8. Marie

9. Mary

10. Amy



1. James

2. John

3. William

4. Thomas

5. David

6. Robert
7. Edward

8. Peter

9. Lee

10. Christopher