Man Makes One HUGE Mistake When Ordering This Rug Online

28 June 2016, 15:43

Man buys rug online

When Adam Hess ordered a rug for his bedroom, he got a lot LESS than he bargained for!

We've all been there. You order something online and when it turns up, it's not quite what you expected.

Maybe the size is wrong, or the colour is not how you imagined it. Or maybe it doesn't work quite like you had hoped.

Poor Adam Hess fell victim to this recently when he ordered a rug online and in his haste, forgot to check the size.

When the "turkish woven floral" rug turned up, it was miniature, and not at all appropriate for his bedroom floor as he had hoped.

The comedian took to Twitter to share his tale and advised fellow online shoppers of the "importance of specifying the size of the product".

Adam needed the rug to cover up a stain on his bedroom floor, but unfortunately it didn't live up to its purpose.

man buys rug online

Picture: Imgur

Poor Adam! We're taking it he didn't have a doll's house to put it in then...

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