'Budgie Smuggler' And Other Words Added To The Oxford Dictionary

8 July 2016, 10:29

Budgie Smuggler - Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary has just been updated to include some of the most popular new sayings and internet acronyms.

Every few months, the Oxford English Dictionary adds a selection of new words to its pages, some more useful than others.

These words reflect cultural and social change, and also include slang terms that have become commonplace, most of which, we never understood up until now.

So thank you Oxford Dictionary.

The most recent dictionary additions of over 1,000 new words include the following:

  • Budgie smugglers = this is an Australian term that describes a pair of tight men's swimming trunks. A handy code word to describe the man in XS Speedos at your resort swimming pool.
  • Glamping = describes glamorous camping, in luxurious yurts and teepees with adequate sanitation facilities. Which basically defeats the purpose of camping in the first place.


Glamping = supposedly a form of camping, but it's not really is it? Picture: iStock

  • Listicle = this describes an online article in the form of a list. E.g '10 Reasons Why We Can't Live Without Smooth Radio'
  • FWIW = This acronym stands for "for what it's worth", because in this modern age, we don't have time to write four words, so we use four letters instead.
  • ICYMI = "In case you missed it"
  • ROFL = "Rolling on the floor laughing" – because we've all been there.
  • Deffo = The speedy way to say "definitely"

If you haven't been using these terms already, then begin immediately because they're about as trendy as it gets!

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