ABBA respond to fans who took over Swedish street for hilarious dance video

9 July 2019, 17:11

ABBA responds to fans who took over Swedish street for viral dance video
ABBA responds to fans who took over Swedish street for viral dance video. Picture: Getty | Helen Axelsson

By Rory O'Connor

ABBA have a huge collection of hits in their back catalogue and are sure to be played at any party.

One unexpected street party saw the birth of several new 'Dancing Queen's' after revellers were spotted enjoying one of the band's tracks.

Appearing to have just enjoyed a night out, a group of ABBA fans took part in a synchronised dance in the middle of the street.

The group of seven are living the dream dancing to 'Lay All Your Love On Me' while singing the lyrics at the top of their voices.

Videoed at two in the morning on the streets of Malmö, the viral clip has now amassed more than 2 million hits online.

Not only that, the video has even been seen by the superstar band.

ABBA (or at least ABBA's social media folks) thought the video was brilliant, quote tweeting the post to say: “We love this!”

Fans also rushed to praise the clip, with one tweeting: “All ABBA songs make people happy!”

“Beautiful song. Your music still lives on with many of us,” gushed another.

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ABBA fans dancing in the street
ABBA fans dancing in the street. Picture: Helen Axelsson

A third posted: “Omg thank you for the love the world needs more ABBA and dance on the streets.”

“I can’t stop watching this video haha,” laughed another, as a fifth added: “This fills my whole body with so much joy and brought tears of joy to me.”

Thank you for the dancing. We think you’re all 'Super Troupers'!