Smooth presenters pick their favourite Elvis Presley songs

Elvis Presley on stage

It's now 40 years since we lost 'The King of Rock and Roll', Elvis Presley, so we gave these Smooth presenters the (almost impossible) task of selecting his best ever tracks. Here's what they chose...

Myleene Klass - Bossa Nova Baby

“This is very tricky because I was raised by an Elvis mad family” 

“It’s sassy, he moves, it’s even got bongo drums in it - what more could you ask for from an Elvis track?”

Paul Phear - I Just Can't Help Believing

“I always get a bit of a thrill when I play this song - the band sound incredible!”

Tina Hobley - If I Can Dream

“It was my granddad’s favourite Elvis song and it brings back great memories for me” 

“When Elvis’s backing singers heard it for the first time, they cried!”

Andrew Castle - In The Ghetto

“It’s the American Dream and the American tragedy all wrapped up, and the way he delivers it is with a serenity and a calmness. You just cannot take your eyes off him and your ears will be engaged from the word ‘go’.” 

Kate Garraway - ALways On My Mind

"There’s raw emotion in his voice…it just pulls at the heart strings”

Gary King - Burning Love

“There’s something about that track that’s timeless…Elvis’s music was of his time, yet, there’s something everlasting about the King.”

Martin Collins - Suspicious Minds

“The energy and the voice sound just amazing!”