When BTS star Jin performed a Freddie Mercury tribute in front of thousands at Wembley (and Queen loved it)

19 May 2021, 17:16

BTS star Jin pays tribute to Freddie Mercury
BTS star Jin pays tribute to Freddie Mercury. Picture: YouTube/Getty

By Tom Eames

Queen and Freddie Mercury's legacy lives on as the world's biggest pop band show they are clearly big fans of the legendary group.

A moment from BTS' 2019 show at Wembley started doing the rounds again this week, showcasing when member Jin performed a tribute to one of his heroes, Freddie Mercury.

BTS became thee first South Korean group to headline Wembley Stadium two years ago, and during their two sold-out nights at the venue, Jin impersonated Freddie in the style of his famous Live Aid a cappella.

The purple-haired singer asked the audience: “Hey Army, are you having fun tonight?”

After praising London for being the “home of great musicians”, Jin said that he had recently watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, adding: “I can’t help following this scene!"

Jin then went onto imitate Freddie's famous call and response section, shouting “Eeee-o”, with fans immediately repeated it back to him.

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Amazed by the reaction, he said: “You’re so lovely, Army. I love you so much, Army!”

The moment did not go unnoticed by Queen themselves, with Freddie's official Twitter account posting a video of the moment, writing "Great to see the legacy lives on…".

Queen and Adam Lambert visited South Korea in early 2020, and were amazed with the reaction from fans there.

Guitarist Brian May said at the time: "I had only heard about how great the movie did in Korea but it was shocking to see so many people greet us at the airport. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard screams from the young audience."

He added: "I’ve learned about K-Pop in the UK and we always welcome people who use their own ways to spread a new influence to this generation. I’m sure they are going to continue to do great."

Adam said: "K-Pop’s visuals are amazing. The visuals are more than just something fun to see. It gives us inspiration. I’ve seen so many amazing visuals from BTS."