Paul McCartney ‘Fell Apart’ In The 1970s, New Book Claims

17 June 2014, 11:17 | Updated: 17 June 2014, 11:25

Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney

‘Man On The Run: Paul McCartney In the 1970s’ by Tom Doyle details McCartney’s depression following the break up of The Beatles.

Music journalist Tom Doyle’s new book, ‘Man On The Run: Paul McCartney In the 1970s’, charts Paul McCartney’s struggles following the break up of The Beatles.

In 1969, the Beatles were falling apart and it wasn’t long after that McCartney, then 27, slipped into a depression.

The book states that the singer escaped to a rundown house in Scotland with his wife (Linda), children and animals. He was tied up in legal affairs, his singles were banned from radio and his post-Beatles relationship with John Lennon was uncomfortable.

Doyle based his book on years of interviews with McCartney.

"One of his most peculiar traits is that he often refers to the Beatles as 'they'...and even talks about himself in the third person. It’s as if divorcing himself from reality allows him to unburden himself of the weight of his legend,” Doyle said.

Whether you like McCartney or The Beatles or not, ‘Man on the Run’ is a must for any music fan. Doyle looks the real Paul McCartney: the musician, the father, the husband, fighting off a nervous breakdown, trying to rebuild his career after being a part of the biggest music phenomenon ever.

Man On The Run: Paul McCartney In the 1970s by Tom Doyle is available to buy now. 

Watch Paul McCartney performing 'Live and Let Die' below: