Whitney Houston's Debut Album Turns 30

19 February 2015, 11:01

Whitney Houston debut album cover

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, we take a look back at Whitney Houston's self-titled debut album.

It’s been three years since Whitney Houston passed away. An incredible artist with a phenomenal voice, this week celebrates the 30th anniversary of Houston's self-titled debut album.

The album went on to produce three number one singles on the Billboard 100 chart in America and sell more than 25 million copies worldwide. It also earned Houston four Grammy nominations, and a win for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for ‘Saving All My Love For You’ at the 1986 Grammy Awards. In 2013, the album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and has definitely stood the test of time. 

Here, we take a look through the album track by track, reminding ourselves of the great selection of songs.

1. You Give Good Love

The album starts with You Give Good Love, which earned Houston two Grammy nominations. Originally written for Roberta Flack, who turned it down, producer (and Houston’s mentor) Clive Davis, made sure Houston got it.

2. Thinking About You

Despite not being one of Houston's most well-known songs, Thinking About You has a great '80s sound!

3. Someone For Me

This track was produced by Jermaine Jackson and utilises the ’80s synth sound that was around so much in the decade.

4. Saving All My Love for You

Released as her second single from the album, Saving All My Love earned Houston her first Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. This one has got more popular over the years.

5. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

This was a duet with Jermaine Jackson and was also a cover; the original was sung by Anne Murray and Dave Loggins.

6. How Will I Know

One of Houston’s most well-known songs. Initially intended for Janet Jackson, Houston released this as her third single from the album. Could the music video be any more ‘80s?!

7. All At Once

Despite not being released as a single, All At Once became popular with Houston’s fans. A powerful ballad, it’s a great song for showcasing her incredible voice. Nobody did emotion in songs like Houston.

8. Take Good Care of My Heart

The second duet on the album to feature Jermaine Jackson, the song was originally released on Jackson self-titled album.

9. Greatest Love Of All

Greatest Love Of All is one of Houston’s biggest and most successful songs of all time, and unsurprisingly reached number one on the Billboard 100 chart and number eight in the UK. For us, the best track on the album

10. Hold Me

This song is a duet with Teddy Pendergrass and was first released on Pendergrass’s album, Love Language. For us, the best duet on the album.

Which is your favourite song from the ‘Whitney Houston’ album? Let us know below.