Gold Bank Jewellers

Gold Bank

Declutter your home and bring your old jewellery over to Gold Bank Jewellers. They buy and sell any Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond jewellery. Gold Bank don't purchase your jewellery based on age or condition but it is based on purity (carat). 

At Gold Bank, they pride themselves on making your experience as comfortable as possible by helping you understand your jewellery and not pressure you into selling until you feel ready. They test your jewellery with x-ray testing as it doesn't leave a mark like traditional procedures such as acid and filing.  

Here are some examples of what they buy:

Gold or Platinum Chains All Silver items
Gold or Platinum Bracelets Full and Half sovereigns
Gold or Platinum Bangles 1/10th Krugerrand
Gold or Platinum Rings Full Krugerrand
Gold or Platinum Earrings

Britannia coins

Gold or Platinum Brooches Solid Gold £2 piece
Gold or Platinum Pendants Solid Gold £5 Piece
Solid Gold Medals Canadian Gold Maple coins
Damaged Gold Australian Gold Nugget half oz coins
Platinum Any other Gold or Platinum  Australian $200 Gold coin
Gold Watches  Jersey Gold Coins
Dental Gold  Guernsey gold coins
 Any scrap gold  Isle of Man Gold coins
 investment Bars  And any other Gold Coins


202 Victoria Market, Victoria Centre, Nottingham NG1 3PS
0115 9859271