10 Things You Know To Be True If You Work On Bank Holidays

Bank Holiday Listical

Because it's not a THREE DAY WEEKEND for everyone don't you know?

1. Feeling anger at every social media post about the three-day weekend.

2. Feeling even angrier at every social media post about now having just a four-day work week.

3. The internal struggle over whether it's worth it to get drunk and try to get through work with a hangover.

4. Why for some reason is it ten times harder to get up for work on a Bank Holiday Monday than any other Monday?

5. Travelling to work is a million times easier than usual.

Empty London Underground Carriage

6. Feeling secretly smug when everyone else is nursing a hangover and you're feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed (kind of).

7. Secretly wishing it will rain so you don't feel so bad about having to work.

8. But if it is sunny, avoiding social media at all costs so you don't have to see pics of people enjoying picnics and beer gardens.

9. How come you've had to turn down more social invitations than ANY other weekend of the year?! Has everyone come out of hibernation??

10. But at the same time, it's actually nice to not have the pressure of trying to make sure your bank holiday is THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!

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