8 Of Smooth's Favourite American Artists

elvis presley in gi blues

Happy 4th July! To celebrate the American day of independence we jotted down some of our favourite US recording artists from over the years. Who gets your vote?

 The Carpenters

One of the finest duos of all time, The Carpenters became famous for hits like Top Of The World and Please Mr. Postman. They came from New Haven in Connecticut.

Elvis Presley

The King, of course, had to be on our list. Although famously associated with Memphis, Presley was actually born Tupelo, Mississippi. He, of course, went on to become one of the biggest selling recording artists of all time. And with hits like Hound Dog, A Little Less Conversation and Suspicious Minds, it's not hard to see why.

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie is in all the newspapers at the moment following his triumphant appearance at Glastonbury Festival (he pulled a crowd of roughly 120,000 people!). But the All Night Long singer has been recording for nearly fifty years!

Luther Vandross

It was recently the 10 year anniversary of Luther Vandross's death. Incredible. Born in 1951, Vandross grew up in Manhattan, new York and, over a long and successful career, released many wonderful songs.

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond also comes from New York. He was born in Brooklyn. Over the years, it's estimated that he's sold over 125 million records. Wow!

Cyndi Lauper

Like Diamond and Vandross before her, Cyndi Lauper grew up in new York. Lauper began recording and releasing music in the mid to late seventies and is still a prominent figure today.

Diana Ross

How could we forget Diana Ross? Born and raised in Detroit, Ross became a star with her band The Supremes and then became a superstar as a solo artist. She's also ventured into film too! Is there nothing she can't do?

The Righteous Brothers

Consisting on Bill Hatfield and Bill Medley, the Righteous Brothers took over the world with their blue-eyed soul. They started out in a group called The Paramours, but found their own as a duo.