The 8 best new board games for Christmas 2018

19 December 2018, 12:40 | Updated: 19 December 2018, 12:46

Christmas games
Picture: Getty Images

By Sofia Rizzi

No need to dust off the old board games this year - here are the best games out for Christmas 2018.

  1. The Crystal Maze board game

    Crystal Maze Board Game
    Picture: The Crystal Maze

    This board game takes you through a labyrinth of tricky puzzles and bizarre games to earn crystals for your team.

    Just like the TV series, you’ll have to win challenges to earn time for the final golden token challenge.

    The board game also comes with an app you can download on your phone or tablet so you can play along with the Crystal Maze music and timer.

    You can buy the Crystal Maze Board Game from John Lewis or Debenhams.

  2. Love Island The Game

    Love Island Board Game
    Picture: Ginger Fox

    Do you know your salty from your peng sort? And did you know that muggy isn’t only a term to describe the weather?

    Couple up and compete in Sexy Charades, Secret Challenges and a Couples Quiz to be crowned the winner of Love Island from your living room.

    You can buy the Love Island Board Game here.

  3. Friends Cards Against Humanity

    Friends Cards Against Humanity
    Picture: Etsy

    The One With All The Cards is an even better version of the already hilarious Cards Against Humanity game.

    The aim of the game is to create the most absurd and quite frankly disturbing Friends themed sentence using the cards you’re dealt.

    'Ugly naked guy' is bound to make an appearance and make family members feel awkward this Christmas.

    You can buy The One With All The Cards here.

  4. Stranger Things Monopoly

    Stranger Things Monopoly
    Picture: Monopoly

    This game presents a chance to bring the Netflix and chill generation together with the elders this Christmas.

    Instead of fighting over the prized Mayfair and Park Lane properties you’ll be trading in your money to buy the Upside Down, all the while hiding from demagorgons.

    You can buy Stranger Things Monopoly here.

  5. Pie Face Sky High

    Pie Face Sky High
    Picture: Hasbro

    Pie Face makes a return this Christmas with a new layout.

    Using a hammer, can you hit the plate hard enough to pie your opponent? Requiring absolutely no brain power, this is the perfect game to entertain everyone in a food coma on Christmas day.

    You can buy the Pie Face Sky High here.

  6. Concept

    Picture: Repos Production

    This is a sort-of board game version of charades. Use the icons on the board to try and describe your word or phrase.

    Pick categories, colours and descriptions on the board to try and convey the answer to your team. You’ll be working against the clock, so this is a fast-paced game perfect for a Christmas party.

    You can buy the Concept here.

  7. Game of Thrones Monopoly

    Game of Thrones Monopoly
    Picture: Monopoly

    Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? And who doesn’t love Monopoly? Voilà.

    This game combines an old-time favourite with one of the biggest TV show of the last decade. The race for control of Westeros is on with this special edition.

    You can buy Game of Thrones Monopoly here.

  8. What Do You Meme?

    What Do You Meme?
    Picture: What Do You Meme?

    Can you out-meme your friends? Compete to create the funniest memes by pairing captions cards and photos in this game.

    This is perfect for some light-hearted Christmas fun, but good luck explaining what a meme is to your nan…that might be a little less fun.

    You can buy the What Do You Meme? game here.