Watch: the Gogglebox cast can't understand the John Lewis Christmas advert with Elton John

26 November 2018, 14:20

By Sofia Rizzi

The John Lewis Christmas advert featuring Elton John didn't go down as expected with the Gogglebox stars...

In last week's episode of Gogglebox we saw the sofa stars' reaction to this year's John Lewis Christmas advert. It's all about the story of Elton John's first piano – the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Watch the advert below:

Although the highly anticipated advert has generally received praise, the Gogglebox stars seemed to be divided on the subject.

One couple were impressed by the ad, saying "It's good how they've gone back in time, isn't it? You can see the eras changing".

Friends Abby and Georgia, however, needed some clarity on the subject. Their first question was "Is Elton John blind?", followed by "is this real footage?". And the verdict was: "I don't actually know what's going on."

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Our favourite reaction from the show was the Malone family dad who delivered a great Elton-themed pun. When his wife started talking about Elton's family not having much money, he answered "But, boy if they did..."