This heartwarming £100 Christmas advert for a Welsh hardware shop is the best of 2019

4 December 2019, 15:39

By Tom Eames

Behold the greatest Christmas advert of 2019: from a hardware shop in Wales that only cost a hundred quid.

While we did love this year's John Lewis Christmas advert starring loveable dragon Edgar, and the sweet McDonald's advert with Archie the reindeer, we reckon we've now found the greatest festive ad for 2019.

Hafod Hardware, a small independent family-run hardware shop in Rhayader, Powys, has unveiled their own advert, and it's gorgeous.

In the ad, a young boy wakes up, brushes his teeth, eats his breakfast and heads to work. He then opens the store, gets his broom, cleans the counter and restocks the shelves. After serving a customer, he completes his accounting tasks, and at the end of the day he switches off the light.

Hafod Hardware advert
Hafod Hardware advert. Picture: Hadod Hardware

When picking up a Christmas tree, the plot twist reveals he's actually a 30-year-old man, with the tagline reading: ‘Be a kid this Christmas’.

So simple, yet so perfect.

The Welsh has been open since 1895, and is still going strong after being passed down through the generations. The grandfather in the advert is actually the nephew of the founder, while the man at the end now runs the shop with him.