TWO Love Actually actors star in TK Maxx's Christmas advert for 2018

11 November 2018, 23:08 | Updated: 12 November 2018, 00:11

By Tom Eames

Introducing the Neverending Stocking...

TK Maxx has unveiled their Christmas advert for 2018, and eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted a certain actor from festive favourite Love Actually.

Dan Fredenburgh - who played Colin Firth's naughty brother in the 2003 film - appears as the dad in the new Christmas advert, released earlier today (November 9).

Not only that, but his Love Actually co-star Bill Nighy narrates the short film, all to the tune of 'Cuban Pete', made famous by the Jim Carrey movie The Mask.

Dan Fredenburgh in TK Maxx's Christmas advert
Dan Fredenburgh in TK Maxx's Christmas advert. Picture: TX Maxx
TX Maxx advert
Picture: TX Maxx

The advert introduces TK Maxx's new 'Neverending Stocking', which are hidden in stores across the UK, or via an online prize draw. Anyone who discovers the stockings will receive gifts every month until next Christmas.

Meanwhile, Heathrow have unveiled their new Christmas advert with an update from the teddy bear family, while Kevin the Carrot has made a comeback for Aldi. Boots' Christmas ad is also a tearjerker.

Iceland has seen their festive advert banned from TV, after being deemed 'too political'.