7 ways to know that your cat REALLY loves you

12 January 2018, 10:48 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 15:56


We often have a love/hate relationship with our feline friends, but these are 7 telltale signs your cute/evil/furry/grumpy tabby really loves you...

1. They say "hello" with their tail in the air

If you cat jumps through the cat flap or comes to greet you at the front door with their tail held high, it means they are happy to see you and glad they are home! (Aww!)

2. Kneading

How often are you sat comfortably watching the TV, then..."OUCH!"...you look down and your cat has sunk their claws into you. 

We promise this isn't them slowly unveiling their evil plot to see you off - in a twist of fate, the harder they dig in, the more they are enjoying your attention and affection, and this is a way of returning the favour. 

3. They show you their tummy

Cats are quite highly strung creatures so they rarely let their guard down. If your cat is happy to roll around and stretch in front of you, exposing their tummy, it means they trust you enough to expose their more vulnerable side.

Just don't abuse the trust - they certainly won't thank you for that!

4. They give you 'presents'

Many people think that when their cat brings them 'presents' (dead mice, birds, bugs, other mangled creatures or objects) it's for them. In actual fact, they aren't for you (phew, it was getting hard to say thank you for the latest half-chewed shrew).

Nicky Trevorrow, a Behaviour Manager from Cats Protection told Cosmopolitan: "many people think that these 'gifts' are for the owner, but cats actually bring them home to where they feel secure. It’s a sign that they feel safe with you."

5. Lots of purring and meowing

Like when humans sing in the shower, purring from your cat means they are happy and comfortable around you, and meowing is a way of showing affection.

Surprisingly, cats are sparing with their purr-allowance and don't turn up the volume for others cats, just you and their own kittens. 

6. They crave attention and don't understand the concept of personal space

If you sometimes feel like your cat is more like a shadow following you around everywhere you go, this is a sign they are your number one fan - whether it's hopping on the counters and tables, snuggling up to you on the sofa or staring at you while you eat!

And all that cheek-rubbing and head-bumping? It actually has a name, 'bunting', which is actually your cat covering you in their pheromones and tells other cats you're off the market!

7. Constant staring

"You're just too good to be true, I can't take my eyes off of you" - that's how the song goes, right?

If you cat is often giving you the look of love with slow blinks breaking up their stare, it means they trust and love you. If you want to tell them you love them back, simply blink back at them!