9 tips to get rid of a winter cold fast

2 November 2017, 13:20 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Cold flu

Colds are the worst. They come out of nowhere and totally put a roadblock in your week's plans.

So, for anyone out there battling a cold, or feels on the verge of feeling ultra poorly, we've collected some of the best tips and remedies to beat that cold quicker than ever.

1. All of the fluids

It's the main piece of advice any doctor or parent would give you. If you want to beat a cold fast, you have to stay hydrated.

Preferably a glass of orange juice to help your immune system, as well as plenty of glasses of water. Boring we know, but it helps. Plus, you probably can't taste much right now, so you might as well. Water will help flush out any toxins, and it can also help replace any water you've lost through sweating. Green tea is also a winner.

2. Have a couple of painkillers

Don't try and be a hero and take this cold on by yourself. Paracetamol or ibuprofen can help beat a cold by cooling you down, and will help your immune system battle the illness even harder.

Have a dose first thing in the morning, and again four hours later.

3. Don't sleep for too long

You should definitely rest, but don't have the biggest nap of all time. If you sleep all day, not only will you be up at night, but you'll definitely feel even worse the next day.

Perhaps try a nap in the afternoon if you can, but for only 40 minutes or so. You may end up feeling ultra groggy if you sleep for longer than that.

Cold flu

4. Go for a walk

This may sound like the last thing you want to do, but if you're feeling remotely up for it, have a brisk 10-minute stroll.

A short walk will help your body function better, and will help with your recovery a lot quicker. Just head out and grab some milk and a scratch card and back again.

5. Have some lozenges

A study by Helsinki University found that zinc lozenges can shorten a cold by about four days. Yes please.

"Don’t exceed 100mg of elemental zinc per day," says lead author Dr Harri Hemila. If you've got a sore throat too, then Halls' Soothers usually do the trick.

6. Steam your face

If you're completely bunged up, then some simple home remedies will help. Put your head over a steaming bowl of hot water for five minutes, and that will help soothe you and clear your airways.

Plus, it feels like you're in a sauna. So: bonus. 

7. Soak your limbs

Start the day by having a hot shower, and end it with a soothing bath.

By giving your tired and aching muscles a soak in a nice bath, this final steam can help kick away the virus by expelling it from the body. 


8. Have a curry

It might be tempting to make yourself feel better with a big bucket of fried chicken or a huge fry up, but that won't help you here.

For breakfast, grab some antioxidant-packed mixed berries into a large bowl of warm porridge. For lunch, some soup will do the trick, and for dinner - weirdly, a curry is a decent option. Ingredients like ginger, garlic and chilli peppers are known to help with its anti-bacterial properties, as well being able to clear the sinuses. 

Plus, they might be the only type of foods that you actually have a chance of tasting right now. The spices can also help get rid of germs from your system.

9. Use an extra pillow

When you head to sleep, use an extra pillow. This will help drain your nasal passage, and will generally help you sleep better.

Plus, make sure you get at least eight hours sleep. This will help keep your immune system in decent shape, and will help get you back to a regular sleep pattern.

Get well soon!