IMPORTANT: How do you cut your toast?

How do you cut your toast?

Is there a correct way to cut your morning slice of buttered toast?

Diagonally, so you get two triangles? Horizontally, so you get two short rectangles? Or vertically? Have you even thought about it before?

Hallamnation, a student club night in Sheffield which offers the carby goodness at the end of a night out, has put a great deal of thought into this conundrum and sparked a massive debate on Twitter.

They asked: ‘Which way would you prefer our staff to do you toast at the end of a night?!’ with a picture of three slices of toast, each cut in a different way.

It seems like the British public are very passionate about their toast, with defence for each option, but it looks like #1 is coming out on top...

There was some outrage about one particular option, though...

But then, some may argue - is there any need to cut your toast at all?

Come on, let's settle this! What is the correct way to slice toast? Vote below:

* Sorry/not sorry to anyone who prefers their toast cut into quarters, but there is simply no argument that could justify that sort of behaviour.

(Picture: Hallamnation/Twitter)