Things Kids Spent Their Pocket Money On In The '60s, '70s & '80s

Pocket money British coins

We counted those pennies until Saturday when we could spend what we had in the newsagents!



How many hours did we spend mesmerized by those geometric shapes that were perfectly in tune with the 'swinging sixties'?
Spirograph toy 60s


Remember those little cartons of sugary goodness you could get at the cinema? Who knew flavoured water could taste so good!

Kia-Ora retro drink '60s

Fry's Chocolate

These were delicious, except for the coffee ones – no-one wanted those!

fry's chocolate retro sweets '60s



There was nothing more refreshing on a summer's day!
Vimto '70s retro drink

Fizz Wiz

The thrill of hearing these things popping in your mouth, was a highlight.
Fizz wiz '70s sweets retro

Pic: Pinterest

Figurine Panini Sticker Albums

Serious negotiations went on to swap your stickers with the other kids in the estate.
Figurini Panini Sticker Books 70s

Pic: Pinterest


Arcade Games

How many hours did we spend chasing those little creatures around?!


Smash Hits

In those days before the internet, this was the only way to keep up with the latest music news.
Smash Hits '80s magazine


Once they were empty, we weren't really sure of their purpose but collecting the latest ones became an OBSESSION!

Pez sweets retro 80s
Pic: Flickr

What did you spend your pocket money on? Let us know in the comments below!