6 other things you could buy with 3.4% of a railcard

5 December 2017, 13:28 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 15:59

The nation was rather shocked this morning to hear of the latest price hike for railcards next year.

Average ticket prices across the UK will go up by 3.4% on January 2, which is the sharpest rise since 2013.

The Rail Delivery Group admitted that this was a "significant" rise, but that more than 97% of fare income will go back into improving and running the railways.

Here are just a few examples of popular commute rises:

  • Brighton to London - £4,332 - £148 increase
  • Gloucester to Birmingham - £4,108 - £140 increase
  • Woking to London - £3,248 - £112 increase
  • Liverpool to Manchester - £3,152 - £108 increase
  • Maidenhead to London - £3,092 - £104 increase
So, taking the Brighton to London journey in mind, we've calculated a handful of other things that you could be spending £148 on instead if the price rise didn't occur:

1. A TV licence

TV Licence
If you never got round to buying a TV licence for various reasons, you may as well have done now. A colour TV licence costs £147, leaving with you with a tidy pound left over.

2. A day trip to Guernsey

flights article image
There are a number of cheap flights out there to places around the world, but we'd always recommend a quick trip to the Channel Islands and back. 
In January, you could fly from London to Guernsey and back again for as little as £113, leaving you with plenty of spending money. Better that than yet another commute, eh?

3. This giant pig in blanket

Giant pig in blanket
Look at this beastIt includes 45 linked organic, gluten-free pork sausages, sandwiched together by Cumberland rings and wrapped in 70 strips of streaky pancetta bacon rashers.

The magnificent creation costs £140, from East London’s Appetite Butchery, up until December 15. Surely this wins over a few trips to work and back?

4. A fancy IKEA unit

IKEA unit

If you're ever looking for new pieces of furniture for your humble abode, then IKEA's normally a good start.

We love a good shelving unit, and this impressive oak unit costs £150, which is a bargain compared to some of their other offerings. You could fit at least 10,000 railcards in there.

5. Both showings of Harry Potter on the West End

Harry Potter Cursed Child facade
If you're a Harry Potter nut, then surely it's about time you travelled to London to catch the highly-acclaimed double play The Cursed Child?
If you select the best tickets possible for both showings, you can get in for £145, which may sound like a lot, but then just think what you'd normally spend that on...

6. 192 packets of Monster Munch

Monster Munch crisps screenshot
Enough said.