7 of Seal's best songs ever, from Crazy to Kiss From a Rose

25 November 2017, 12:00


Seal has been one of the UK's biggest musical exports over the past three decades, and has sold over 20 million records around the world.

To celebrate his new album Standards and his Christmas duet with Frank Sinatra (which is amazing, by the way), we've put together a list of just some of Seal's biggest and best tracks.

1. Kiss From a Rose

Seal first wrote this amazing power ballad back in 1987, but would you believe it, he felt "embarrassed by it" and "threw the tape in the corner". It wasn't until producer Trevor Horn brought it back for his 1994 album Seal II. A year later, it was included on the Batman Forever soundtrack and it became the biggest hit of his career. 

2. Fly Like an Eagle

Steve Miller Band first recorded this track in 1976, and Seal put his own spin on it for the Space Jam soundtrack 20 years later. Seal later said that Miller approved of the record and had called him "thanking me and saying that was the best cover of the song that he had heard."

3. A Change is Gonna Come

Seal has released two albums of soul covers: 2008's Soul and 2011's Soul 2. Our favourite track has to be this cover of Sam Cooke's Civil Rights anthem. 

4. My Vision

Seal teamed up with dance producer Jakatta in 2002 for this one-off track, which gave Seal another top 10 hit in the UK, reaching as high as number six.

5. Crazy

This was Seal's official debut solo single, released back in 1991. The song was inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. He later explained: "I felt the cycle had reached its apex. I felt the world changing and I felt profound things happening." It gave Seal a top 10 hit in the UK and US.


6. Killer

Seal's breakthrough moment came in 1990, when he worked with dance producer Adamski on the huge number one hit 'Killer'. A year later, Seal released his own solo version, also reaching the top 10. George Michael released a famous live version in 1993.

7. Love's Divine

Seal was back working with Trevor Horn for this song, released in 2003 from his album Seal IV. It also marked the first occasion that future Bond girl Olga Kurylenko appeared in an acting role in the video.

Watch a clip from Seal's new duet with Frank Sinatra below: