4 Smooth Cover Versions Of Leonard Cohen Songs

18 September 2014, 15:26 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Leonard Cohen

We take a look at four of the best cover versions of Leonard Cohen's popular songs.

To celebrate Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday (September 21, 2014), we take a look at four of the best cover versions of his popular songs.

Johnny Cash - Bird On A Wire

Johnny Cash, a country music icon, gained a new following with his change of direction. A collection of original and cover songs showcased his sublime voice; his cover of ‘Bird On A Wire’ is one of the best.

Nina Simone - Suzanne

For those who love Leonard Cohen’s version of ‘Suzanne’, this cover might be a bit of a shock to the system; it’s relatively bright compared with that version! It originally appeared on Simone’s 1967 studio album, To Love Somebody, alongside three Bob Dylan songs and two Bee Gees covers.

Roberta Flack - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Taken from Flack’s debut album, First Take, the jazz singer also covered Cohen’s Suzanne, with a 10-minute version of the well-known song.

Neil Diamond - Suzanne

From Neil Diamond's 1971 album 'Stones', which also included his popular 'I Am...I Said', we’d tentatively suggest that this is as good as Cohen’s original. 

Happy birthday Leonard Cohen!

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