The Best Grammy Performances Of All-Time

3 February 2015, 11:55 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Adele at the Grammy Awards

Ahead of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on February 08, we pick our favourite live Grammy performances of all-time. Which is yours?

Ahead of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on February 08, we pick our favourite live Grammy performances of all-time. Which is yours?

Aretha Franklin - Nessun Dorma (1998)

This Grammy performance still sends shivers down our spine. Luciano Pavarotti was forced to cancel his planned performance at the last minute but soul legend Aretha Franklin stepped in ‘literally at a moment’s notice’ - and absolutely nailed it!

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Adele - Rolling In The Deep (2012)

Despite Adele not having been around that long (she won the 2009 Grammy Award-winner for Best New Artist), this was considered a 'comeback' performance, as she had been forced to cancel concerts in late 2011 to treat a vocal injury. And what a comeback it was - on the night, she also won all six Grammy Awards she was nominated for!

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Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel / Man in the Mirror (1988)

Michael Jackson gave plenty of good Grammy performances but this one was very special – his popularity was at an all-time high, he’s enjoyed incredible success with his ‘Thriller’ album and then returned to the charts in 1987 with ‘Bad’. That album brought him seven hit singles. This performance is pretty stripped back compared to some, but perfectly showcased his stage presence and incredible voice. Whatever happened in later years, at this moment Jackson deserved his ‘King Of Pop’ title.

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Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand - You Don't Bring Me Flowers (1980)

In this emotional performance, it’s clear that Barbra Streisand is nervous performing on stage. We now know it’s because she suffers from stage fright, but at the time it was endearing to see her so affected by the standing ovation at the end of the performance.

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Eminem & Elton John - Stan (2001)

Warning: the video below contains some strong language

This performance actually made our weird duets list but as Grammy performances go, it was pretty good. Eminem had previously been under fire from gay rights activists and so responded with a powerful statement by performing with Elton John, an openly gay artist.

What has been your favourite Grammy performance over the years?

Tom Jones and Annie Lennox are both set to perform at the 2015 Grammy Awards ceremony; we'll bring you all the photos and videos after the show!