The 7 best Hall & Oates songs

4 April 2019, 15:11 | Updated: 4 April 2019, 15:12

Hall and Oates

Hall & Oates are right up there as one of the greatest pop duos of all time. And we reckon they're a bit underrated.

Daryl Hall and John Oates have sold over 40 million records in their career, and were one of the biggest groups of the 1970s and 1980s.

In 2003, Hall & Oates were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2014. Quite right too!

Here, we choose the duo's top seven songs - do you agree?

7. Rich Girl (1977)

This song is about a spoiled girl who can rely on her parents' money to do whatever she wants, and was rumored to be about the newspaper heiress Patty Hearst. However, it was based on a spoiled heir to a fast-food chain who was an ex-boyfriend of Daryl Hall's girlfriend, Sara Allen. Speaking of Sara...

6. Sara Smile (1976)

'Sara Smile’ is a song Hall wrote for his then girlfriend Sara Allen. It was the duo’s became their first Top 10 hit in America, reaching number four on the US chart in June 1976.

5. Private Eyes (1981)

Taken from the pair’s 1981 album of the same name,  this went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts but only reached number 32 in the UK. The song is accompanied by a classic ‘80s music video - if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out.

4.  I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (1981)

'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)' was the second hit single from the duo’s album Private Eyes. It went to number one in the US and did quite well in the UK too, peaking at number eight. It was later heavily sampled in Simply Red's 2003 hit 'Sunrise'.

3. Out Of Touch (1984)

This one didn’t do as well in the UK, reaching number 48 (it deserved more than that!). However, the US couldn’t get enough of them and this, their lead single from the album Big Bam Boom, went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 number one - it was to be their last number one on the chart.

2. Maneater (1982)

'Maneater' was the biggest hit of Hall & Oates’ career and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it stayed for four weeks. It reached number six in the UK. No relation to the Nelly Furtado song of the same name.

1. You Make My Dreams (1981)

This catchy number was taken from Hall & Oates’ album Voices. It reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and cemented the duo’s place as both great writers and performers. The song has been widely used in movie soundtracks, including The Wedding Singer and 500 Days Of Summer.