The shoulder buttons on coats actually have a secret purpose

9 November 2018, 17:19

Trench coat
Picture: Getty Images

By Sofia Rizzi

Would you believe that the shoulder buttons on your coat serve a purpose, and it's a game-changing trick.

Francheska Horsburgh discovered a hack and revealed on Twitter the (sort of) newfound purpose of these shoulder buttons on coats and jackets.

She wrote: "Taken me 18 years to find out that the weird shoulder buttons on jackets are to hold your bag in place, so it doesn’t fall off."

The picture shows a red bag strap securely kept in place within the button strap, so it won't fall off her shoulder.

The tweet, that has now been liked over 170,000 times, has caused bag-wearing people across the globe to share their wonder at this simple but effective hack.

These shoulder straps actually come from military coats and jackets, where the shoulder strap was used to keep backpacks and shoulder bags in place.

So, we're all pretty late to the party when it comes to knowing the full functionality of our coats. Whoops.

Either way, annoying slipping handbags are a thing of the past!