Gucci is selling old-looking dirty trainers for an eye-watering £615

20 March 2019, 17:06

Gucci's old-looking trainers are seeing a backlash online
Gucci's old-looking trainers are receiving a backlash online. Picture: Gucci

By Giorgina Ramazzotti

Just when you thought luxury fashion couldn't get anymore bonkers, Gucci comes along selling intentionally-filthy trainers.

If you find it too tiring to break-in your own trainers, or can't be seen to ever achieve the perfect 'worn-in' look yourself, then never fear - for a mere £615 Gucci can do the hard work for you!

The Italian fashion house's old-looking and dirty 'Screener' trainers from the brand's Cruise 2019 collection, come in a variety of colours and fabrics and "a treated allover distressed effect," according to their website.

Gucci dirty trainers
The old-looking shoes come in a variety of colours and materials. Picture: Gucci

Unsurprisingly, the '70s inspired styles have received a huge backlash online with people calling out the brand for the "ridiculous" shoes.

One Twitter user quipped: "For those of you that want those go find a homeless person and give them $870 for their shoes. At least you will be helping ridiculous to buy shoes like that."

Julian Sheldon on Twitter said: "Gucci actually doing derelict sneakers now. £615 for a pair of your grandad's gardening shoes."

Gucci dirty trainers
The '70s inspired sports shoes look pre-worn. Picture: Gucci

With another pointing out: "I can sell you some dirty size 11.5 sneakers for 1/3 this cost."

In a twist of irony, Gucci's care guide warns customers to handle the shoes with care "for a longer product life" and when it comes to washing to: "Clean when the shoe is dry, using only neutral or same-colour products to avoid staining."