You've (probably) been grating cheese wrong your whole life - this is the correct way

16 October 2018, 12:19

Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

We all love a bit of grated cheese, but it usually gets EVERYWHERE.

Now, this online revelation will either blow your mind, or you'll think: 'Well, obviously, isn't that how everyone does it?'.

One Twitter user found a recipe video online, showing this 'hack'. By lying the grater on its side and grating the cheese on the top, the cheese easily gathers inside, so you can simply tip into a bowl without making a mess.

That's instead of how most of us fools do it, by standing the grater up and letting it collect underneath, only for the rest of it to fly all over the place. Plus, you're far less likely to accidentally grate your own finger.

The video was made by Tastemade UK, and was from a recipe for curried Mac and Cheese, in case you were wondering.