Are ready salted Chipsticks about to make a comeback after five years away? Petition reaches thousands

6 June 2019, 16:17 | Updated: 6 June 2019, 16:35

Picture: Smith's

By Tom Eames

You may not have realised, but you haven't been able to buy ready salted-flavoured packs of Chipsticks for five years.

And we don't know about you, but we suddenly fancy a pack. So, is there a chance of a comeback?

Superfan Gill Winestone certainly hopes so. She has started a whole blog dedicated to ready salted Chipsticks, which she describes as the "best crisps in the world".

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She has also launched a petition, and has sent multiple emails and tweets to Walkers and various supermarkets.

Among her various memories of the good old days, she wrote: "Any time that I was in the vicinity of a Co-op, I would pop in and buy somewhere between three and fifteen bags of ready salted Chipsticks.

"This was just before a movie night at a friend’s flat, so when I walked in with my tasty snacks (ten bags this time), they mistakenly thought that I had brought a bag for everyone.

"I stopped mid-step, hesitated; I was wondering how to politely refute this, while still being able to keep all my ready salted Chipsticks."

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She is now hoping that she'll start getting enough public support to convince Walkers to bring them back.

"Walkers have said it’s a lack of demand that meant they were discontinued so hopefully this petition will show them there is demand and that they should reinstate them," she told Metro.

Chipsticks petition

"I started the petition about three years ago. ‘It was quite a slow burner to start with, but it has really picked up in the last year or so and now we’re at more than 3,000 signatures.

"Recently it has gone up again with Matt Lucas signing and retweeting the link. It’s been a really great thing to get his support."

If you want to support Gill's cause, then sign her petition right here.

British-Australian snack company Smiths was bought by Pepsico in the 1990s, which then decided to axe the brand and replace it with Walkers.

Only some crisps are still sold under the Smiths name, including salt and vinegar flavoured Chipsticks multipacks, which usually cost £1.

A spokesperson for Walkers told The Sun: "It's great to see so much love for one of our old school Chipsticks flavours.

"We can’t promise they’re coming back, I’m afraid. We hope people can continue to enjoy Ready Salted Squares for now."