We've been eating corn on the cob wrong all this time

23 November 2018, 12:28

Corn on the cob
Picture: Getty Images

Just when you thought you had your life hacks polished to perfection, this guy throws a curveball with his ingenious way to eat corn on the cob.

Eating corn on the cob has always been messy, and let's face it – quite awkward.

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But in an age of internet phenomenons, this problem has been finally solved. Take a look:

Mind. Blown.

The video shows a man using a wooden skewer to pierce through a row of corn and pull it off the cob. He then eats it in a mini-kebab fashion, no mess.

The internet's reaction has varied from rage to people trying the trick out for themselves, and failing:

The discussion is split, however, with many praising the innovative idea, but many are still decided that the messy way of eating corn on the cob is still the best.

People have shared their feelings saying "There's nothing more delicious than biting the corn directly".

Another said "I like the messy way better! If you don’t have corn and butter on your face when it’s over then you didn’t enjoy it!"

Still, better than the way Michael Bublé eats it: