You can now buy gin-infused rosé bottles for quite cheap

21 February 2019, 12:16

Rose wine
Picture: Pexels

By Tom Eames

Echo Falls has released a brand new rosé range just in time for spring, and we can't wait to try it.

The fusion drink blends the two to make a new gin-infused rosé wine, and it will be available at Co-Op stores this week.

Priced at £5 per bottle, it is part of the wine brand's Fruit Fusion range, which already includes Tropical Fruits, White Peach & Mango and Raspberry & Cassis flavours.

Echo Falls gin-infused rosé wine
Picture: Co-Op

At 9% ABV, it also has a lower alcohol content than regular rosé wine, and the strawberry and raspberry flavours give it a brand new spin on a fruity gin cocktail.

Echo Falls describes it as "an early taste of summer!"

Sarah Butler, a Co-Op wine buyer, said: "Pink gin is massively on trend right now and we expect this new fusion to be a big hit with our customers and members.

"This addition is part of a new range of wines that go into our stores this week for the first time."