Iceland are selling Marmite sprouts for Christmas this year

19 November 2018, 11:48

Marmite sprouts
Picture: Iceland

By Tom Eames

...and we can't tell if that's good or not.

There are two things in life that opinions are totally split down the middle:

Marmite. And sprouts.

Now, let's put the two together and see the world implode.

From today (November 19), Iceland will stock the festive vegetables, smothered in a Marmite butter.


Costing £1.50 per pack, Iceland is hoping its new twist on the Christmas dinner 'favourite' will save the sprouts from being axed for good.

According to a survey by the supermarket, a third of Brits said they haven't made sprouts in the last three Christmases, and a fifth said that they'd never even tried them.

Meanwhile, 17% thought that serving up broccoli was a decent substitute, while 16% preferred cauliflower cheese.

Will you dare try them?