Tooty Frooties have been axed by Nestlé after nearly 60 years

22 March 2019, 14:43

Tooty Fruities
Picture: Nestlé

By Tom Eames

We hate to give you bad news on a Friday, but... Nestlé has announced plans to get rid of Tooty Frooties.

In a shock move, the rainbow-coloured, chewy sweets have been discontinued that's left its longtime fans very sad indeed.

Nestlé has decided to axe one of its oldest creations, Tooty Frooties, confirming the news by confirming to one angry customer: “Unfortunately, we've had to say goodbye to Tooty Frooties. Our love for them will always be there but, for now, we have to let it go.”

The news was obviously followed with despair from many fans, who have been devoted buyers for nearly 60 years.

The company said that although the sugar treats were popular in the 1970s and '80s, other brands are now vastly out-performing them, as the new generation prefers “jelly and foamy” sweets.

A Nestlé spokesman told The Sun: "Sweet tastes and trends change over the years and Tooty Frooties have become much less popular in the decades since their launch.

"In 2019, people prefer the jelly and foamy sweets you find in Rowntree’s Randoms and that’s why we’ve decided to concentrate on new products under the Randoms brand."

Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed that Randoms will contain new shapes, flavours and sour sweets to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Hannah Smithson, assistant brand manager for Rowntree’s said: "We are so excited to announce all of this new news for Rowntree’s Randoms.

"There is truly something for everyone in the new range whether you prefer the jelly Squish’ems, the foamy sweets or something a little more on the sour side."

In better confectionary news, Cadbury are launching two brand new additions to its Heroes chocolate boxes.