Kellogg’s has launched white chocolate Coco Pops

18 June 2019, 17:32

White Coco Pops
White Coco Pops. Picture: Kellogg's

By Tom Eames

We never knew we wanted white chocolate Coco Pops so bad until now...

Kellogg’s is launching a white chocolate version of its popular breakfast cereal Coco Pops.

Not only that, but the white chocolate version will have 30% less sugar than other chocolate-coated toasted rice cereals out there.

The cereal company said they created the new meal followers pleas by customers on social media on on their phone line.

Katy Bailey, brand manager for Kellogg’s Coco Pops said: "In response to our fans, and the growing desire for white chocolate varieties of popular foods, we wanted to see if it was possible to create a white chocolate Coco Pops that tastes as good as the original.

"Our food developers have succeeded and for the first time in the cereal’s 59 year history a white chocolate version will hit the shops."

White Coco Pops
Picture: Kellogg's

Mascot Coco the Monkey now has a new friend: Nula the Narwhal.

Sara Ashley, Kellogg’s food technician added: "We had the idea to make a white chocolate flavoured Coco Pops when working in our food development kitchen on a new reduced sugar recipe for the original Coco Pops cereal.

"We knew fans were asking for it so we developed a prototype, which uses three basic ingredients, and tried it out with Kellogg’s staff who loved it."

Where and when can I buy White Chocolate Coco Pops?

White chocolate Coco Pops will be available in all major supermarkets from mid-June for £2.99.