This car windscreen was cracked by a flying CABBAGE

A flying cabbage has caused chaos in a Lincolnshire market town after smashing a car windscreen on a local road.

Tony Eccles from Spalding, Lincolnshire has been left terrified after a cabbage jumped out of the back of a passing lorry and flew into his windscreen. 

The incident has left his BMW with a large crack in the windscreen, and Tony with a £75 bill and an undriveable vehicle.

Tony said to Metro: "You wouldn’t think a cabbage would cause that much damage."

"If it had hit a pedestrian, or a cyclist, it could have been a very serious injury, given the force with which it smacked into the windscreen."

"It cracked the windscreen right away, and it’s gone right the way through – which is quite something because it’s laminated glass. ‘It’s frustrating having to pay to have it fixed, but the reality is that it could have been a whole lot worse."

Safe to say, that's some savage cabbage damage.