David Bowie's Son Tweets Cryptic Response To Gaga's Grammy's Tribute

17 February 2016, 09:30 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Duncan Jones Tweet Gaga Grammys Performance

Duncan Jones gave his opinion VERY publicly...

Lady Gaga gave a multi-sensory performance at Monday night's Grammys paying tribute to the late and great David Bowie.

The quirky popstar performed a medley of 10 of his songs including 'Space Oddity', 'Rebel Rebel' and 'Let's Dance' alongside Chic's Nile Rogers.

While the performance got a standing ovation from the crowd, there was one opinion the world was waiting for – that of Bowie's son Duncan Jones.

Late on Monday, the British director tweeted a cryptic message which seemed to be a reaction to Gaga's performance:

In the tweet, he posted a definition of the word 'gaga' as a a thinly-veiled criticism of Lady Gaga's performance.

Many people jumped to the star's defence with one Tweeter @ladyteapots saying, "Ladygaga put her entire heart and soul into that performance with the deepest respect and abiding love" (sic).

Gaga has always cited Bowie as one of her biggest musical influences however the pair never worked together.

Bowie passed away on 8th January after a secret battle with cancer. 

One month later on 10th February, Jones announced that he is expecting a child with his partner. He had shared the news with his father before he passed away.

What did you think of Gaga's tribute to Bowie at the Grammys?