Ed Sheeran dedicated 'Dive' to a one-year-old baby at his show and it's adorable

Ed has fans of all shapes and sizes!

He's performed shows to audiences all over the world, but we wonder how many times Ed Sheeran has spotted a baby in the front few rows?

It can't be that often, because when he spotted little Cooper Smith at his show in Miami recently, Ed had to give her a shout out.

But Ed got the surprise of his life when Cooper's parents Rock and Harmony Smith told him that her middle name was Sheeran!

Ed's reaction in the video above is pretty special! (Cue the "Awwww's")

But whilst Ed may have been surprised to see the youngster at his show, Cooper's parents will have been even more surprised because Ed then dedicated his song 'Dive' to their daughter.

It turns out that Cooper is actually a massive Ed fan, although she thinks his songs are actually her dad's songs because he's always singing them in his karaoke venue.

Speaking to E! News, Rocky added, “I’m a singer and I sing only Ed Sheeran to her. She hears it on the radio when I’m not around and she’s looking for daddy. She’s been listening to him since before she was born.

"We had speakers that we could attached to my wife’s stomach where I would play his songs for her” - so cute!

Seeing as he loves babies so much, we wonder how long it will be until we see some mini Sheeran's running around...


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