These two Coronation Street stars just found out they were related in real life

6 September 2018, 11:42 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 13:20

By Tom Eames

In an ITV special, the cast of Corrie had their DNA tested to find out their ancient ancestry, with amazing results

Coronation Street DNA Secrets revealed that, on average, the cast had only 36% UK DNA in them, with the rest of their ancestry coming from Scandinavian and European descent.

The show also the cast to fans who are also distant relatives. Bill Roache (Kevin Barlow) met a long-lost Irish cousin, while Liam Bairstow (Alex Warner) discovered he was related to the actual Edward I of England.

Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) also learnt that she has a high percentage of DNA from the Iberian Peninsula, which apparently traces back thousands of years to some of the first people who migrated to the UK after the Ice Age. Mind blown.

Best of all though, was that actor Sally Ann Matthews discovered that she is related to another star from the soap – Corrie legend Amanda Barrie!

The two of them actually starred alongside each other for four years, but had no idea they were related. What a moment!

The two soap favourites were incredibly excited and amazed to hear the news, and were reunited on the show with plenty of hugs. Watch the video above.

Sally Ann said: "I'm so surprised but thrilled, and in a bizarre kind of way, of course it was Amanda!"

"I always liked you," added Amanda, joking: "And now I'm also relieved, that now I'm so old, you might have organs to spare.

"I always felt close to Sally Ann, and now I feel extremely close and extremely proud."