EastEnders: Shane Richie will be back as Alfie Moon this autumn

6 September 2018, 16:42 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 13:19

Kat and Alfie
Kat and Alfie. Picture: BBC

By Tom Eames

One of Walford's finest will be making a comeback later this year.

EastEnders has confirmed that Alfie Moon will return to Albert Square later this year, for a tense reunion with his estranged wife Kat.

Shane Richie has already started filming the soap, and his comeback will air later in the autumn.

Alfie made a brief return in May this year, when he secretly met up with Kat's cousin Hayley, who revealed she was carrying his baby.

After a showdown with Hayley, Alfie left London, believing that she was going to terminate their child. However, he currently has no idea that she changed her mind.

Alfie and Hayley
Alfie and Hayley. Picture: BBC

Alfie's return will see him suddenly get in touch with Kat, asking her for help with a favour. However, Alfie is secretly plotting a surprise, and is actually in London waiting for her.

Soap chiefs are keeping secret exactly how the storyline will develop between Alfie, Kat and Hayley, but it's bound to get messy, like everything else in Walford!