Watch actor Jamie Costa’s mind-blowing performance as Robin Williams in new film

13 October 2021, 12:58 | Updated: 13 October 2021, 15:27

Jamie Costa’s mind blowing performance as Robin Williams
Jamie Costa’s mind blowing performance as Robin Williams. Picture: YouTube
Hannah Lovejoy

By Hannah Lovejoy

Jamie Costa posted a video on his social media page as he played the role of Robin Williams for an alleged screen test.

Jamie shared the footage on his YouTube channel - it appears to be an audition for a potential biopic based on the life of Robin Williams.

The video was posted on Monday (October 11) and already has over 800,000 views. It has also been shared on other social media platforms.

Titled ROBIN Test Footage Scene, the video shows Jamie playing the role of Robin and is set in 1982 during the time in which Robin appeared on the sitcom Mork and Mindy.

During the scene, Robin’s co-star Pam Dawber (played by Sarah Murphree) tells him that John Belushi has died.

ROBIN Test Footage Scene

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John Belushi was a famous American comedian who was well known for his work on comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live, he died in 1982.

Speaking in the scene as Robin, Jamie said: “No, I told you, I was with him. John’s not dead, I was with him last night.”

Pam and Robin’s conversation ends after a knock at the door which meant that it was time for them to go back on the set of Mork and Mindy. Robin takes a moment for himself and prepares to get back to work.

After hearing the sad news, Robin appears to be in shock and processing what he’s heard. He quickly snaps back into his high-energy personality as he heads back to work.

Actor Robin Williams who has starred in Good Will Hunting, Jumanji and Mrs Doubtfire.
Actor Robin Williams who has starred in Good Will Hunting, Jumanji and Mrs Doubtfire. Picture: Getty

Viewers of the video were highly impressed with the accuracy of Jamie's portrayal of Robin. Many commented on Jamie’s ability to mirror Robin’s mannerisms and facial expressions.

While Jamie’s screen test was not for an official project, it appears to be an attempt to generate interest for a Robin Wiliams biopic.

Robin Williams was an iconic actor and appeared in many well-known films and television shows. These include Good Will Hunting, Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, Happy Days and The Crazy Ones.

Robin died on August 11, 2014, he was 63-years-old.