Old People's Home For 4-Year-Olds: Did you watch this heartbreaking moment?

10 October 2018, 11:39

By Tom Eames

Viewers were tears last night (October 9) when watching the new Channel 4 series, which sees young kids meeting up with elderly residents of a care home in Nottingham.

In a particularly heartbreaking scene, 4-year-old Scarlett struck up a friendship with 84-year-old Beryl.

Scarlett was tasked with making and writing a card for her parents to invite them to a party, and so Beryl offered to help her.

However, when a care assistant told Scarlett to write down 'to mummy and daddy' in the card, Scarlett said: "No my mum died, so Gran-Gran and daddy."

Beryl was then seen helping Scarlett with her writing, as together they wrote 'to Gran and daddy'.

Old People's Home for 4 Year-Olds
Picture: Channel 4

The heartwarming moments was met with emotional responses by viewers on social media, with one writing: "When Scarlett politely announced that her mummy had died so she couldn't invite her to the party...my heart".

Another posted: "Old people's home for 4 year olds has got me in a complete mess."

This is the second series of Old People's Home for Four-Year-Olds, after last year's Bristol-based series was met with rave reviews.