George Michael: Don't Believe Crack Rubbish

14 July 2015, 11:33 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

George Michael

George Michael has Tweeted not to believe a relative who has alleged the star is on crack cocaine.

George Michael has made his voice heard on Twitter against a cousin's wife who has claimed he has a crack cocaine problem: 

It was reported earlier this month that Michael had allegedly checked into a Swiss rehab clinic to control his '25 spliffs a day' cannabis habit. These reports were rubbished by Michael's rep

The wife of his cousin, Jackie Georgiou, had told The Sun newspaper: 

"He was smoking crack. Before he went away he got to the point where he would be shaking, saying 'I need it'.

"There were parties where he was taking drugs and collapsing and being picked up from the floor. Waking up in vomit, horrible things. He was so thin, so ill. It's crack, it's marijuana, it's drink, it's coke. It was pretty dark and things were getting darker. He was going to end up locked up or dead. I'm petrified he will die."

Yet George finished off his happy Twitter updates at the weekend with a mutual declaration of affection for new star on the block, Sam Smith: