Janet Jackson Splits From Husband Three Months After New Baby

2 May 2017, 09:46 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Janet Jackson and husband

Jackson revealed the news to fans via a video on her website in which she also announced a postponed world tour would resume.

There had been a countdown running on Jackson’s official site with fans expecting it to end with a tour announcement. But when the countdown hit zero she shocked them with another reveal.

"I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second,” she said in the video. “Yes, I separated from my husband. We are in court and the rest is in God's hands."

Jackson, 50, married Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana, 42, in 2012. Janet gave birth to her first child, Eissa, in January this year.

Speaking about the son she had with Al Mana, she said in her video: “I thank God, I thank God for him, you guys. He is so healthy, so beautiful, so sweet, so loving, such a happy baby."

At the end of the video Janet talked about what her fans had been expecting - her tour.

She had been on a world tour called ‘Unbreakable’ when she postponed in 2016 to start a family with Al Mana. She announced that the tour would restart in September this year, but with a twist.

"I decided to change the name of the tour - State of the World Tour. It's not about politics, it's about people, the world, relationships and just love... I cannot wait to see you on stage.”

Janet Jackson Welcome Baby Boy Into The World