Singer Judy Collins Gives An Update On Joni Mitchell

16 October 2015, 12:36 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Joni Mitchell

American singer Judy Collins who is a close friend of Joni Mitchell has shared an update about the singer's condition.

Earlier this year, music legend Joni Mitchell suffered an aneurysm and her fans worldwide were left worried about her condition.

The 71-year-old stayed in hospital in L.A. for almost three months before returning to her home to continue her recovery.

Little official information has been released about the singer's well-being and fans have leaving her warm messages on the website

However, this week American singer-songwriter Judy Collins took to her Facebook page to share an update on Joni's condition.

This is the message she posted:

"I have just heard from a close mutual friend that Joni is walking, talking, painting some, doing much rehab every day, and making good progress--I have another friend who went through something similar-it does take a long time, three years for my friend, who has realy(sic) totaly(sic) recovered professionally and personally. I will try my best to see our songbird when I am in LA in the coming weeks."

She accompanied the post with many pictures of the pair working together.

Judy is a very close friend of Joni's and played a huge part in getting her to play at the 1967 Newport Folk Festival which got her noticed.

Collins also had a massive hit with 'Both Sides Now' - a song written by Mitchell.

We're sending Joni our best wishes and we hope she continues to make a successful recovery.